How to Improve Condominium Security with Cloud Software

Managing an entire condominium complex is no small task. Dozens of pieces fit together to keep the community moving, and if even one of those pieces slips through the cracks, it could leave the community and residents at risk. Now, in the era of COVID-19, resident safety is more important than ever. 

Here’s how condo managers can use cloud software to improve condominium security and keep residents safe.

Cloud software can help with many aspects of condo management. Managers can handle most administrative processes from a single cloud interface to ensure efficient, contact-free condo management to keep residents safe.

Fast and Easy Communication

Whether you manage a condo community with 10 or 1,000 units, effective communication is essential for condo security, and many condominium managers are still using slow, antiquated methods like phone and email to communicate with condo owners and suppliers.

With cloud software, condo managers can send important community information through multiple channels with the push of a button. Using your condo control central cloud interface, you can write an announcement and send it to all residents instantly via email, text, push notifications, and voice messages simultaneously. 

If there’s a security threat, you can be confident that everyone in the community received the announcement, even if they don’t always check their email or listen to phone messages.

The central interface also allows condo owners to speak directly with management to simplify processes like amenity bookings, package tracking, and online proxy voting. It’s the perfect way to facilitate communication between management and residents.

Maintenance Tracking and Daily Reports

Deteriorating stairs, railings and common areas are physical threats to condo security. The last thing you need is a resident or employee getting hurt because of poor facility maintenance. If even one maintenance project is left unfinished, it could pose a security risk to your condominium complex.

Behind efficiency, maintenance is the second-largest challenge facing property managers. Luckily, cloud software can help.

Residents can use the cloud interface to request maintenance, instantly alerting the property manager. Then, the manager can contact the maintenance support team and set dates to complete the repairs. Use cloud software to streamline the process and ensure all maintenance projects are completed on time to keep condo residents safe.

Safe Payment Options

Slipping a check under the office door isn’t a safe way to pay condo dues anymore, and paying in-person isn’t an option thanks to COVID-19. With cloud software, condo residents can make online, contactless payments from the comfort and safety of their homes.

When a payment is made, condo management teams will get an instant alert and have access to real-time reports to see who has paid and who hasn’t. Cloud software makes taking and tracking payments a breeze, which is typically one of the most frustrating logistical concerns of property management.

Data Security

Cloud software is much safer for your data than traditional information storage options. Condo managers have access to a lot of sensitive data, both about the condo association and the residents living in the building. By using cloud software, you can eliminate system vulnerabilities and keep your information safe.

It might seem backward to think an online, cloud based system would be more secure than on-site servers, but statistics have shown that public cloud servers experience 60% fewer security incidents than traditional data centers. And of those incidents, at least 95% are caused by user error and not related to the cloud infrastructure.

Enjoy the Benefits of Cloud Software with ICC Property Management

Implementing new cloud-based software can seem like a daunting task, but it can dramatically increase the efficiency and security of condo management, especially during COVID-19. ICC Property Management was one of the first property management companies to adopt cloud software and is using it to provide superior service to our clients and ensure compliance throughout the pandemic.

If you’re looking for a safe, efficient property management solution, trust the experts at ICC Property Management. We’ve been helping property managers for decades, offering comprehensive, customer-focused services to help you successfully manage your property. Contact us, and begin the journey to effective property management.

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