The Most Popular Cloud Software in Real Estate

Cloud software is an exciting solution to the modern real estate property management challenge. The real estate industry is stable during the best of times and unpredictable during the worst.

That’s why savvy industry leaders like ICC Property Management look for smart ways to automate workflows, manage stakeholder relationships, and maintain properties. For many, a cloud-based real estate management system is the answer. Fortunately, there are plenty on the market to choose from.

It’s time to shop for software. Here are a few of the most popular cloud software platforms for real estate management:

IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager

IBM’s TRIRIGA is the most recognizable player in the game. The company is broadly known for its data security and technology integrations, and TRIRIGA brings those selling points to commercial real estate managers around the globe. TRIRIGA utilizes AI-driven insights to ensure dynamic space planning. 

TRIRIGA is a one-stop-shop for capital projects, real estate, workplace operations, portfolio data, facility maintenance, and energy management. Working as an integrated workplace management solution, TRIRIGA reduces operating costs for enterprise-level organizations. 

That said, TRIRIGA is an investment. The price of integration makes more sense for larger businesses, but the accounting insights and automation functionality are invaluable at that scale. For pricing details, companies will need to contact IBM directly and request a quote.

Hubspot CRM

On the opposite end of the real estate cloud software spectrum is Hubspot CRM. Unlike TRIRIGA, Hubspot CRM is completely free. 

The software boasts full visibility of your sales pipeline productivity and performance. Selling points for Hubspot CRM focus on simplicity and ease of use, meaning you don’t have to make foundational changes to the way you operate to start using the service.

Sales managers, marketers, and customer service teams use Hubspot CRM to capture leads, convert clients, and manage communication campaigns. The software provides a reporting dashboard as well as tools for managing the sales pipeline and tracking prospects.

The downside of simplicity and a free-to-use model is that Hubspot CRM is probably better suited for a small or medium-sized real estate business than it is for the commercial property owners. 


The main appeal of Appfolio is the software’s focus on mobility and real time access to important real estate metrics. Easily integrate with mobile devices for on-the-go functionality using Appfolio’s all-in-one platform. 

Appfolio is ideal for things like online maintenance requests, scheduling rent increases, and tenant debt collection. The software offers modules for everything from marketing and communication to work orders and insurance. Create your own owner portal, accept rental applications, and even perform mobile inspections. 

Appfolio also offers a variety of pricing options, so you can start small and scale up if resources are tight. Per their website, basic pricing plans vary based on portfolio type, with residential plans beginning at $1.25/unit per month, and commercial plans beginning at $1.50/unit per month. Premium pricing plans run higher at $3.00/unit per month, though they come with more advanced account management and analytic reporting capabilities. 


Buildium takes the more is better approach to real estate cloud software. The company offers a network of property management services ranging from leasing and operations tools to property management and accounting. As such, you can pick and choose with features you want to integrate. 

Buildium is suitable for a range of properties and is positioned as an enterprise-level solution to real estate management challenges. The software’s open API is designed to integrate seamlessly with your other business applications to provide more insight into property, resident, and accounting data. 

Buildium’s basic plan starts at $50/month, with a Growth plan for $160/month and an advanced Premium plan at $460/month.

Benefits of Cloud Software for Real Estate

Cloud software you choose for your real estate management should coincide with the challenges you face within the industry, whether that’s email marketing, sales, or property maintenance. Here are a few examples.

  • Customer relationship management software – Offers workflow automation, contact management, collaboration tools, sales forecasting, and custom reporting features to clarify goals and ease communication challenges.
  • Property management software – Makes it easy to handle administrative tasks, applicant screenings, maintenance work orders, rent processing, and all the in-betweens.
  • Marketing automation software – Works to attract and engage new clients, align brand messaging, create targeted content, A/B test, and optimize pre-built content templates. 

Understand your specific needs before you purchase a cloud services software suite for your real estate management. Benefits of different software and services weighed against different types of real estate cloud software give you a good foundation for integration. 

With real estate cloud software you can easily: 

  • Address administrative needs
  • Manage relationships with stakeholders
  • Automate workflow
  • Optimize the sales cycle
  • Build targeted marketing campaigns
  • Maintain property assets

Choose Your Real Estate Cloud Software Wisely

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by real estate cloud software options. Cloud technology is relatively new but increasingly prevalent across the corporate landscape. Don’t overcommit your resources when looking for a cloud-based solution for small or commercial property management. Only need a CRM? Try Hubspot CRM for free. Ready to take the plunge and go all-in with real estate cloud software? TRIRIGA might be just what you need. 

Corporate property management doesn’t need to be a struggle. As Toronto’s premiere property management company, ICC relies on the latest cloud-based technology to create a seamless experience for our clients. Let ICC Property Management help you take control of your real estate management today.

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