What is EQMS (Enterprise Quality Management Software)?

Every organization is charged with the responsibility of ensuring quality, compliance, among several other industry regulations are fulfilled in their production and service delivery processes. To ensure compliance with the set industry standards and regulations, enterprises adopt various quality management systems and solutions. 

To address changing complexities in the market, solutions hosting quality management systems have progressively changed over time. Initially, companies leveraged spreadsheet systems in the management and monitoring of quality processes. As computing technology improved, the spreadsheet systems transitioned to form part of Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR) systems. Currently, the cloud is introducing significant changes to quality management systems. 

EQMS, also referred to as eQMS (Electronic Quality Management System), is a category of software that documents and runs processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving quality goals and policies. EQMS can either be legacy-based or cloud-based. 

Qualities of Enterprise Quality Management Software

Advanced data collection and modeling tools

Reliable EQMS solutions collected, organize, and store data on every relevant information such as accuracies, maintenance frequencies, speed of production, profits, losses, and much more. These data are then analyzed to guide different quality management decision-making processes. 

Notably, with proper data collection and modeling tools, it is easier to determine the bottlenecks affecting quality delivery and come up with appropriate solutions.  

Compliance/Audit management functionalities

One of the most functional features of Veeva QMS software is the ability to quickly conduct large volumes of audits and provide insights into an organization’s performance. The auditing is not limited to quality but instead covers the trail a job takes from the beginning of production to the point of sale. 

Other areas of compliance/audit management covered by EQMS include: 

  • Employee onboarding and offboarding processes
  • Safety inspections
  • Employee appraisals
  • Housekeeping reviews
  • Onboarding and managing performance of external providers

Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)

Before the introduction of computing technology into quality management, corrective and preventive actions were manual paper-driven processes that were challenging and frustrating to implement in identifying nonconformances.

Thanks to EQMS, that has made it possible to redefine CAPA workflow into a single system. Businesses can now quickly identify and solve different pain points affecting their chains of production.  


As a business grows, its quality management processes grow as well. EQMS solutions are customized to scale to the needs of an enterprise at every stage of growth. They are capable of accommodating more massive data sets, automating broader processes, supporting more users beyond a company’s employees, and everything else that is required to support quality management at every stage of growth. 

Since EQMS solutions are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis, businesses can easily upgrade to a package that best fits their needs. 

Customizable, intuitive user interface

Finally, a system is only as good as how its users can proficiently utilize it for various operations. To ensure maximum usability, EQMS solutions can be adjusted to fit into an organization’s users’ needs. Coupled up with frequent training, users can easily manage their various tasks from the multiple devices they are using to access EQMS portfolios.

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