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Who can contribute?

We are only accepting guest blogs from industry thought leaders, decision makers, entrepreneurs and industry experts in the field of IT. We only accept guest blogs from Senior IT executives, CEO’s, CIO’s, CTO’s, COO’s, IT manager’s, etc.

What subjects are we interested in?

We are interested in any topic that talks about Cloud Computing, Information Security, Disaster Recovery, etc. We, however, go beyond news and views, and are mainly interested in posts that offer value.

I am not sure what to write about, can you suggest some topics?

Absolutely. Here are some:

And also articles outside of the above topics but relevant to our site niche…

Content Guidelines

We do have certain criteria that you are required to fulfill.

  1. Posts are recommended to be a minimum 1500 words
  2. Content must be detailed, in-depth and topics must be well researched
  3. Avoid self promotion
  4. Posts that have already been published (Print or Online) will NOT be considered
  5. Content should be original and should not be plagiarized in any form. Content will be checked for duplication
  6. Images need to be royalty free and Attribution to Original Image (s) is Mandatory
  7. Video will only be posted in the form of embeds. They will NOT be uploaded
  8. Minimum of 2 Outbound links for every 500 words are required.
  9. 1 link allowed from within content to your website inner page
  10. Outbound links have to be highly relevant and high authority sites (NO linking to Wikipedia)
  11. Double check for any typos, grammar error, spelling errors, facts, accuracy, names, dates, attributions and outbound links
  12. Bold, italics and exclamation marks must not be over used

Rights of Use

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