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What is EQMS (Enterprise Quality Management Software)?

Every organization is charged with the responsibility of ensuring quality, compliance, among several other industry regulations are fulfilled in their production and service delivery processes. To ensure compliance with the set industry standards and regulations, enterprises adopt various quality management...

/ December 23, 2019

The New Way of Selling Cloud Services

With the advent of cloud computing services, it’s crucial for IT companies to learn how to market and sell cloud services effectively.  That’s why digital marketing is of paramount importance. The shift in how consumers make their purchasing decisions makes...

/ November 28, 2019
Managed IT Services

What are the Types of IT Services?

In today’s business environment, there are no shortage of IT systems playing a critical role in driving day-to-day operations. However, businesses are also under mounting pressure to both excell at their core work and in their IT operations. You need...

/ May 30, 2019

Benefits of Cloud Video Surveillance

When it comes to commercial building security efforts, installing an around-the-clock video surveillance system is best practice. It deters, stop, and audit security breaches and gives law-enforcement a strong resource for their investigation work. However, though video surveillance itself will...

/ May 6, 2019
Outsource Managed IT Services to a Toronto Provider

When Should Your Business Outsource Managed IT Services?

Photo: Pixabay Managed IT, or managed IT services refers to the business practice of outsourcing your company’s IT support tasks, such as network management, endpoint security, and device management to an external vendor. The benefits of managed IT services are...

/ May 2, 2019